Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Went away to Fredricksburg and had a great time.  Even ran every morning that I was there.  It was nice to have a change of scenery.  It truly seemed to make the run easier, or maybe it was all the guilt from the food and wine I had.  It seems for every step I take forward I take some back.  I seem to be in a spot I am stuck in.  I so desperately want to be in the best shape and yet I am finding it soooo hard to keep on the right track.  Maybe such is life, maybe everyday can not be perfect and you just have to accept that and keep on.  Maybe being so hard on myself is not the best idea, or is it?  Is being forgiving making it easier for me to not DO MY BEST???  Uggh such a dilemma.  Does it really have to be this hard.  I have gotten thru a mastectomy, chemo and other surgeries but yet I can not control my love of crackers.... RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!


  1. you ARE doing your're strength is admirable!

    Wow, never been to fredricksburg...but I've heard it's fun! glad it was a nice, little getaway!

  2. Following you from Marissa's site. So sorry to hear about your struggle. Keep up the good work though.

  3. Sounds like a fun adventure and don't worry, crackers are just too amazing not to love :)